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Welcome to Naturaty ® the Wellbeing Carnival

Naturaty is an Inspiring International Blog & Vegan Gift Boxes that combine self-care & goodies. We are Cruelty-Free, Vegan & Eco. We support sustainable & ethical Brands. If you believe in our values, be welcome to our family


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Inspirational people? Vegan recipes? Zero Waste? Tips for a more conscious life? We have the latest!

5 core values of our community

We give voice to sustainable brands and products which do everything possible to use zero waste & are 100% cruelty free. We discover together vegan products and promote veganism, while working on the recovery of our beaches and fighting for a greener planet.

We pay attention to ingredients in your food, cosmetics and other products, ensuring that it contains no animal-derived ingredients.

Having a platform gives you a voice, and we want to use it to promote actionts and asscociations that take care of our nature, at a local and international level.

We’re proud to be 100% cruelty free, meaning that no animal has been involved in the manufacture or testing development of any of our products.

We’ve done the research and we wprl with the most concious brands, whose policies are completely eco-friendly on production and distribution.

Reducing the creation, and not only the existent waste pollution, is our go-to. While we find ways to be 100% zero waste, we bring the information for a more sustainable life.

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Our family of sustainable, vegan beings is starting this year 2020 with a bang. If you share our values, JOIN NOW our Community!

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Naturaty ® - Promoting wellness and sustainability by creating surprising gift-boxes that people you care about will love!