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Coffee and Caffeine


Caffeine is often considered a magical substance and its consumption is widely spread worldwide. Every day, millions of people rely on a morning cup of coffee to wake up and boost energy.

Caffeine is a stimulatit that occurs naturally in some foods, especially coffee: the botanical name of the coffee plant, is Coffea Arabica and finds its origins in Ethiopia.

Coffee is well-known for its stimulating and energizing effect inside the body. However, coffee may have opposite effects when applied topically, since it actually calm inflamed red skin. That’s why caffeine is widely used in beauty treatments. In fact, it is one of the substance that best penetrates skin and helps fight premature aging. It also reduces puffy eyes and dark circles, since it dilates blood vessels.

Thanks to its high exfoliating and moisturizing propierties, caffeine can be extremely beneficial when applied topically and can contribute to a brighter and firmer skin.



  • reduces skin redness and calms inflammation
  • dilates blood vessels and improve blood flow
  • helps minimize eye puffiness
  • potent ally against cellulite
  • exfoliates skin when used as a scrub

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