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Cinnamon is a spice well-known for its uses in both sweet and savoury foods. It comes from the bark of cinnamon, a tropical evergreen tree. It has also played a key role in traditional medicines across various cultures.

Its warm smell and delicious flavour has made cinnamon very popular in cooking, especially in baking and curries. Though popularly used for flavouring in cooking and medicine, one of the most important benefits that cinnamon gives you is healthy skin.

This delightful spice is highly beneficial to the human body. In fact, it contains a large amount of potent polypohenol antioxidants, which protect body from diseases and fight free radicals.


  • acts as a natural anti-inflammatory
  • due to its anti-fungal properties, it inhibits the growth of certain bacteria
  • it lowers blood sugar levels naturally
  • thanks to its soothing properties, it helps soften dry skin

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