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Coconut oil

Coconut oil

For thousands of years, the coconut palm has entwined itself in history, from tropical coasts to typical shelves in global groceries. Coconuts have been grown in tropical regions for more than 4,500 years but recently increased in popularity for their flavour, culinary uses, and potential health benefits.

Coconut oil, an edible oil extracted from mature coconuts is full of vitamin E, which is about the most moisturizing thing you can nourish your skin with. The inside meat of a coconut is considered by nutritionists to be abundant with protein, while the milk inside the coconut is light, refreshing and incredibly low in sugar.


  • Prevents acne,
  • Antibacterial,
  • Anti-aging,
  • Natural antioxidant,
  • Source od hydration,
  • Boosts energy.

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