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The hazelnut is the edible nut of hazel and comes from the Corylus tree.

It originates in Asia and has been spread all over Europe by Greeks and Romans. Nowadays, it’s mostly cultivated in Turkey, Italy, Spain and the United  States.

Due to its rich nutty and sweet flavour, it’s always used in combination with chocolate to produce delicious sweets. By the way, hazelnut tastes good even raw, roasted or ground into a paste.

Like other nuts, hazelnuts are rich in nutrients and have a high content of protein, fats and minerals. Furthermore it is also a natural mood booster: in fact, Vitamin B6 contained in it enhances serotonin production and decreases the risk of depression.


  • Natural antioxidant,
  • Extremely rich in proteins, vitamins and unsaturated fats,
  • High in vitamin E, which makes hazelnuts an edible cancer prevention,
  • Used by Native Americans as natural treatment to reduce fever,
  • High content of magnesium keeps bones healthy and strong.

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