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Vegan proteins

Vegan proteins

Vegan proteins are 100% plant-based, which mean they do not contain animal products or by-products. Vegan protein supplements are excellent in building lean muscle mass and keep a toned body, as well as representing a good way to recover after an intense workout.

Contrary to popular belief, under which a vegan diet does not provide enough protein, there is evidence that many plant-derived foods contain all 9 essential amino acids needed by the human body. Moreover, plant-based supplements are highly beneficial and help mitigate inflammation, which often occurs in individuals that consume lots of whey and dairy-proteins.

Due to their high fiber content, plant proteins also improve digestion naturally and promote regularity. Since being low in saturated fats, overall health is therefore enhanced.

It turns definitely to be the cruelty-free alternative to animal-derived proteins, since no animals are harmed in the making of vegan proteins.


  • Free from animal products,
  • Plant-based,
  • Falvourful and highly nutritious,
  • High in protein,
  • Minimal presence of carbohydrates and fats.

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