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We know, it’s not easy. Being eco-friendly on travel takes willpower and resolve. Especially when you’re on vacation, isn’t actually Where can I toss my garbage? – your first thought. Moreover, sorting your waste and recycling isn’t that easy as in your hometown, where you already know how this stuff works. Admit it: when you travel, you just want to R E L A X. And doing nothing more than lying on the beach, while sipping your frozen mojito. 

In order to be an eco-friendly tourist, we summed up for you 3 tips to live by for more sustainable travelling. If you want to travel without harming the environment, minimizing your impact instead and be able to call yourself an eco-conscious traveller, this is definitely the article that suits you.

1. Be equipped – greener travel first step

Stainless steel bottles are a sustainable alternative to plastic ones.

Bring your own water bottle, instead of buying countless, tiny plastic bottles you’re going to toss away somewhere into the garbage. Furthermore, if you’ve already travelled a little, you know for sure that 500 ml of water can cost you a fortune in the most touristic places! A capable, lightweight stainless steel bottle in your backpack will keep you hydrated for hours. Our choice is the stainless steel bottle from Laken Fortuna. This isothermal bottle has a double wall and will keep cold drinks ice cold for 24 hours. Perfect for refilling and reusing on the go, is BPA free and also, perfect as vegan gift!

What you can do more? Bring your packed lunch in a reusable container, you’ll definitely save money as well as reduce your footprint. Moreover, sneezing your nose into a old-fashioned handkerchief will prevent you from throwing dozens of paper tissues away. Going back to this eco-friendly solution will help you minimize your waste, but if you think it’s going to be too hard, opt at least for recycled paper tissues.

Travel greener
Bamboo reusable cutlery

2. Share your path – greener travel second step

Travel greener
Traveling by bus decreases significantly your carbon footprint.

Sharing your path with others, whether they are friends, your family or total strangers, will reduce noticeably your carbon footprint. For instance, traveling by train (or by bus) is good for the environment and you might also have the chance to meet locals and the pleasure to have a word with them. You’ll definitely get to understand more the country you’re visiting! Try to avoid car rental, but if you cannot, be sure your car is full before leaving. If there are still three empty seats, share it with your friends or other travellers, who are doing your same path. Getting the chance to converse with new people might give you interesting ideas to continue your journey. Not to mention you’ll definitely have more fun and you’ll reduce the carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere! Furthermore, ask locals for better tips. Since speaking from their perspective of natives, they might give you better advices than a travel guide, recommending you to visit the most typical places.

3. Enjoy local food – greener travel third step

Travel greener
Eating local food supports the local economy and benefits the environment.

When eating local, you support the local production! Stop being sceptical. You may think your national cuisine is the best in the world, but you can’t keep on ordering the same dishes you’re used to eating every day. Instead, discover new flavours and dishes! You’ll find out incredible delightful things never tasted before. For instance, locally brewed beer, handcrafted drinks or traditional dishes with unique ingredients. Choose less touristic places and get lost in the rural part of the country you’re visiting. You may find a cosy and relaxing atmosphere with very friendly hosts. And, if you’re lucky enough, you may get the chance to know the hosts better. They could definitely give you some advice on how cooking traditional dishes! In this way, you’ll help local producers instead of supporting big restaurant chains.

If you looking for more items that will make your life more zero-waste and sustainable check our Naturaty Zero Waste Starter Box and Naturaty Active Box. They are also perfect as a vegan gift for all of those people who prefer quality over quantity, since “less is more”!

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