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Acai: the perfect way to start your day

Every morning the same dilemma: Should you have a light, guilt-free meal, or go for a hearty, filling breakfast, messing up your diet? Time for a change, choose Acai berries!

In the first case, you’ll inevitably start starving after a couple of hours. Not eating enough breakfast – besides craving sweets or junk food – may shorten your attention span and badly affect your productivity. In the second case, a substantial brekky keeps you full until lunchtime, but it could lack essential nutrients. No matter how delicious the croissant you’ve grabbed at the bakery on the corner can be. Highly processed food contains a lot of saturated fat, is highly-sweetened and is pretty unhealthy in the long run. Your breakfast must be therefore complete and balanced, in order to regulate your energy levels during the day. Moreover, it must provide the right amount of low GI carbs, proteins, vitamins and minerals to improve cognitive performance.

Have you ever heard of Acai? 

In case you haven’t found a smart breakfast idea yet – which is light, healthy but also satisfying – an Acai Bowl is definitely the solution to overcome your morning indecision. Let’s see together where this superfood comes from and why you should try it! Acaí berries resemble grapes and are harvested from açaí palm trees, native to Brazilian rainforests. Not only this dark purple tropical fruit has a delicious, naturally sweet taste, but – according to recent studies – it’s also extremely beneficial to health and well-being.

Tropical power and vegan super food

This tropical fruit is rich in antioxidants, which improve the immune system, help prevent aging and reduce the risk of cancer; it’s a high source of fiber, which helps keep you full and your blood sugar steady; and the heart-healthy fats contained in açaí berries improve cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart diseases. Moreover, this highly nutritious fruit increases your energy, while boosting your metabolism and brain functions, making it a real cure-all in your early morning routine. So just get the Bio Açai Powder from Naturaty and start your wellness journey. Also, is perfect for your sustainable thinking friends as a 100 % vegan gift, you will find it in our cruelty-free gift boxes – Naturaty Active and Naturaty for Her.

Acaí berries resemble grapes and are harvested from açaí palm trees, native to Brazilian rainforests.

Make your homemade traditional Acai Bowl

Take your breakfast to the next level by mixing up these three simple ingredients:

  • Bio Açai Powder
  • 1 large frozen banana
  • a splash of water or plant milk (mostly almond; but also coconut, soy or rice milk)

Put everything into the blender and mix together until smooth. Add some bananas to give it a smoother texture. However, you can also add some extra blueberries to make it more creamy. It only takes one minute – et voilà – your açaí bowl is ready to eat! To finish it off you can get creative with your favourite toppings, like those listed below:

  • Banana slices, strawberries and wild berries
  • Rolled oats or (even better when homemade) granola
  • Coconut powder
  • Agave syrup
  • Nuts and seeds

As you can see, this açaí bowl recipe is not only the easiest, but it’s also refreshing and tastes amazing. It’ll become soon your favourite breakfast and will give you one more reason to get out of your bed just 5 minutes earlier!

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