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Active Naturaty Box

Surprise your sport-enthusiast friend with a great, unique gift. The Naturaty Active Box is the ideal present for your dynamic loved ones, especially if they are eco-conscious people, who want to live in harmony with nature.

Each of us has that friend who’s always eager to engage in some physical activity. No matter if it’s cold as hell out there or it’s raining cats and dogs. That friend will ask you anyway to go jogging, as though it were the most natural thing in the world. And you never know how to politely decline. 

Don’t you have that friend, who literally loves to train, to struggle and to sweat? As if it was a pleasant feeling, to be hot and sticky all the time. Someone who just doesn’t feel alive without a pair of comfortable sneakers on. A strange creature who trains really just for the sake of training. We’re talking about that one friend, who doesn’t go to the gym only to fit into that favourite pair of jeans. No, your friend attends the dynamic stretching class on Friday night just for fun – unlike you, who clearly went there just not to feel guilty for eating pizza and french fries in the following hour-and-a-half.

You probably have that friend, who waits for the daily fit box class the way you wait for the weekend. And talking about weekend, this is for you sacred. It’s the moment when you stop sticking to your diet and give in to your sugar-addiction. Yes, that friend is most likely to spend a – not really relaxing – getaway weekend by climbing or mountain biking. And no, you clearly don’t belong to that category of people. Or maybe, is that you? 

Having an active lifestyle is a natural mood booster, since it helps relieve stress and depression.

By the way, it goes without saying that we all need that friend who gets us out of the comfort zone. Sporty people are generally energetic and good-tempered most of the time. As a matter of fact, having an active lifestyle, is a natural mood booster! It helps relieve stress and keep an optimistic mindset, which contributes to achieve better results in life. Our Naturaty Team has purposely designed the Naturaty Active Box for all those who are always on the move and want to stay in shape.

Let’s open the Active Naturaty Box!

That’s why our handy Stainless steel Bottle will definitely amaze your friend. Endless reusable, isothermal – keeps drinks hot or ice cold for 24 hours – and stylish, it turns to be the smartest choice for stay hydrated all day long. The Seaweed Soap is perfect for tired legs after an intense workout. Due to its natural detoxifying properties, this olive oil based soap helps to reduce cellulite and surface fats, making it a relaxing, exfoliating treatment for a pleasant skin feel. The 100% biodegradable and vegan Solid Deodorant prevents from smelling bad after the fitness routine. Being completely package and chemical-free make it the eco-friendly solution for your natural skincare.

And what about open-air workouts? No problem! The box provides the Seaweed Face Sunscreen for safe exposure to the sun. The antioxidant-rich Alga-Gorria prevents premature skin-ageing and aloe vera helps keep skin moisturized even during an intense outdoor activity. Moreover, this box provides also the tasty side of a sustainable lifestyle. What’s better than a healthy and delicious protein smoothie to restore muscle tissue after exercise? Our plant-based Natural Vegan Vanilla Protein is the low-carb, sugar and gluten-free post-workout supplement to fuel the body in a natural way while enjoying the natural sweetness of vanilla!

Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, the Bio Açai Powder is perfect to boost your energy before working out or when you feel like having a delicious breakfast. Without added preservatives or sugar, it’s definitely a healthy treat to satisfy your sweet tooth. Check also the related post Açai: the perfect way to start your day on our Naturaty Magazine to get more info about this superfood! Last but not least, our Chocolate Organic Bar is the guilt-free snack every sportsperson is going definitely to indulge in. Chocolate stimulates endorphin production, acting as a natural mood-booster, which will kick start the next training session!

So, what are you waiting for? Make your sporty friend happy with a special gift that suits perfectly an active lifestyle!

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