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Carnival Naturaty Box

When you think about “well-being”, what exactly comes to your mind? According to Naturaty, this mental and physical condition is synonymous with prosperity, zest for life and inner peace. Enjoy a true well-being carnival with our Carnival Naturaty Box, whose variety of organic and healthy products recalls the lush nature of Canary Islands.

People with an irresistible charm and contagious joy fascinate us as hell, mainly because they bring out our irrational self, make us feel alive and shake off the stress of a tight schedule. We all want that kind of people close to us, since we all need to feel relieved and cheerful sometimes, don’t we?

Our Carnival Naturaty Box is inspired by the wilderness, the lush and the colours of nature and it’s influenced by the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Being the largest one of the Canary Islands, in Spain, it is considered the second most popular and internationally known carnival, after the one held in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. That’s why this box has been conceived for extremely dynamic people, who face life challenges with a positive attitude.

A unique gift for that one friend you can always count on when you’re sad. To the one, whose natural cheerfulness boost your mood even in the worst of times. Carnival Naturaty Box is meant for people who just can’t stick with the familiar. On the contrary they are thrilled to embark on new adventures and embrace the unknown.

Let’s open the Carnival Naturaty Box!

Make your friend’s garden or balcony bloom with the special TigerBom, a carnival of non-GMO seeds. A natural bomb that actually doesn’t destroy anything, but rather degrades into the environment, leaving only plants behind. The Naturaty Carnival Box cares especially for your body and personal hygiene in the most natural way. On the inside you can also find the Charcoal Toothbrush, a verified non-toxic, chemical-free solution for your oral hygiene routine. Fully biodegradable, not only it cleanses your mouth deeply, but it’s also the perfect alternative to plastic toothbrushes!

And it’s even better when combined with the Solid Carbon Dentifric, the plastic-free alternative that will revolutionize the way we brush our teeth! ….is packed in a refillable container, which lasts twice as conventional tubes. Undoubtedly the vegan and cruelty-free alternative we all were waiting for!

A real treat for the skin is our plant-derived Natural Craft Scrub Soap with Volcanic Ash. Thanks to its natural properties and due to its pores, Active Charcoal has an exfoliating effect and detoxifies skin from dirt and impurities. This gift box provides also a great and natural product for anyone’s hair care, the  Avocado Solid Shampoo. Say goodbye to plastic shampoo bottles and welcome this fully organic shampoo bar! The perfect balance of cleansing and hydrating ingredients leaves hair weightlessly moisturized and avoids a greasy effect. Enjoy its fruity scent and be ready to shine! 

This box promotes and encourages environmental sustainability also through its Bulk reusable shopping Bag. A step further for your friend to reduce his or her environmental footprint and stick with a sustainable lifestyle. Mostly suitable for fruit and vegetables, this practical cloth bag will prevent the incredible waste of plastic bags when buying groceries.

The Carnival Naturaty Box has been conceived for extremely dynamic people, who face life challenges with a positive attitude.

Enjoy the tasty side of the box…

Now, let’s move on to the tasty side of the box! Boost your friend’s mood with the delicious Organic Energy Cacao Bar: made with 100% natural ingredients from organic farming, it turns to be the gluten and lactose-free alternative for all people suffering from allergies and food intolerances. Chocolate triggers the production of endorphins, or rather natural painkillers, which help stay healthy and happy! Another sweet way to jump start mornings is definitely the Organic Energy Almond & Cashew Bar. Without additives or preservatives, this crunchy snack is the perfect mix that will sweeten your palate and fuel you with energy at any time.

But that’s not all from the crunchy side. This box provides you also with a sugar-free Organic Orange and Cashew Granola, a vital mix of air-dried oranges and nutritious, crunchy seeds. Packaged in a home compostable bag, this grain-free granola is the sustainable choice for a healthy breakfast or snack.

Are you craving salty food, such as popcorn, crisps or french fries? Our bio certified Sweet Mustard Kale Chips is the answer! Definitely the tasty option for those who still want to enjoy delicious food without giving up on an active lifestyle. Like most leafy greens, kale is fiber-rich and great for digestion, which makes it the perfect healthy snack for every moment. Enjoy alone or share it with friends!

Need some fruit instead? Enjoy the natural sweetness of the Pineapple Mango and Strawberry Lollipop. A very instagrammable snack made of 100% fruits: two slices of pineapple, mango puree and strawberry. It’s also suitable for celiacs and milk intolerance. 

Last but not least, the Organic Reishi Powder will add that oriental touch to your smoothy or morning latte. In fact, this highly nutritious, traditional chinese superfood will boost your immune system in the coldest season. An exclusive way to satisfy your sweet cravings and still eat healthy!

So, let’s give it a chance! Break up the monotony of a steady routine and get a Carnival Naturaty Box to a close friend or relative!

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