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When was the last time you switched off for 24 hours? If the answer is I can’t remember a digital detox could be what you need. 

Everyone wants more happiness in their lives. But it’s really hard to achieve this nowadays. Why? Many people are addicted to digital devices which detrimental to our health, from our eyesight to our memory to our waistlines. We are living really fast, too fast. If there any way to avoid this? Yes! The answer is a digital detox. 

To make yourself healthier and happier – unplug yourself from your mobile phone!  Instead of that spend some time enjoying nature, lounging around the house, fostering other creative hobbies, and spending time friends and family. This is exactly what you needed to start anew. 

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To make yourself healthier and happier – unplug yourself from your mobile phone!

But actually how to do this? Here you have a few tips: how to embrace digital detox.

Plan your digital detox

First, remind yourself why you want to do a digital detox. It’s really helpful! Then make a good plan! What you can do instead of scrolling your social media? 

These can be anything you like to do.  For example, cooking a great dinner for your loved once, going for a really long walk to the forest, or spending time family. You could pick up a neglected hobby or spend time reading. You might choose to explore the city you live in or somewhere new. Spending time in nature is a great thing to do, as it is a proven way to restore your attention. Do something new, or something that you dreamed about! Then write down the list… and enjoy your digital detox time.

Cook something special and spend time with your loved once!

Logging off

It’s common for people to announce on social media that they’re about to do a #digitaldetox and you can do that too if you want.

Straight after switching off, you might feel a sense of unease, and will perhaps have a strong urge to check your phone or computer. Just wait, and these feelings should pass. Get on with the non-screen activities you had planned, and start to notice the time and space you’ve given yourself.

Delete some of your apps

Seriously. It’s simple. When you want to take a few days off delete your email app, your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. And what? Poof. The temptation is gone.
Can you re-download the app if you really need to? Of course, but it’s far less tempting than just sneaking a peek really fast… We all know that feeling, which turns into 20+ minutes sucked into the social media void.

digital detox
Delete some of your apps!

What next – after a digital detox

A digital detox shouldn’t be a one-off. You can’t expect to recharge your batteries just once all year. So plan your next digital detox, and see if you can go further this time. 

Once you’ve done so, the chances are, you’ll be reaching for the off button again, trust us.

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