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Arnold Schwarzenegger shows us how he switched from the status of a meat-eating bodybuilder to plant-powered enthusiast, since following now a 99% vegan diet. And he’s not the only one who embraced a greener lifestyle: many athletes claim to have noticed a startling improvement in performance after ditching meat. However, a strict and poorly planned vegan diet could lead to serious micronutrient deficiencies, which are essential for the human body. Divergent views exist as regards meat consumption, which leaves an open space for continued debate among scientists and physicians worldwide.

meat fit vegan body

Plant-based nutrition is more sustainable than eating meat.

“Eating meat helps build your muscle!” and also “drinking cow milk will make you grow taller!” – are for sure two common beliefs, we’ve often been told about. So do you really need meat to be fit? At least one time, if not more, our grandparents (or parents) encouraged us to increase our consumption of meat and dairies. In fact, meat is rich in iron, zinc and B12 vitamin: especially this last one is necessary to healthy nerve tissue, brain function and red blood cell production and its deficiency could lead to neurological dysfunctions or anemia. Since vitamin B12 is naturally supplied by meat, those who follow a meatless diet can obtain it in supplement form. Dairy products provide us calcium, good fats, proteins and essential vitamins that help us stay healthy. That’s why cow milk is particularly indicated during childhood and puberty since it contributes – without, however, being responsible for height – to bone growth.

However, while acknowledging that animal-derived products are packed with nutrients, it is nowadays well known that one of the major causes of global warming and ecological collapse is actually the high consumption of meat in humans’ diet. It has been scientifically proven that having a plant-based diet has remarkably less impact on the environment and is, therefore, more sustainable and eco-friendly than traditional diets including (a lot of) meat. That seems to be the trigger, why a lot of popular athletes opted for a plant-based diet and proudly support this new sustainable mindset.

Athletes who turned plant-powered

Whether you may find this hard to believe or not, the American tennis player Serena Williams, or rather one of the best sportsperson in history, follow a mostly plant-based diet, since fueling her toned body primarily with lots of vegetables, fruit, legumes, and cereals. By the way, we cannot consider her a strictly vegan athlete: as a food lover and big eater, she admits cheating sometimes and indulging in a little fish or chicken. Consuming mostly plant-derived food didn’t prevent her from becoming a tennis legend with one of the most powerful and statuesque woman bodies! Apparently meat is not necessary to stay fit. Vegans love to eat healthily and ethically and Naturaty wants to satisfy their desires. High in fiber and protein and low in fat and sugar, Organic Reishi Powder is considered a superfood for its nutritional values. That’s why this mushroom is extensively used in oriental medicine and it’s well known as “the mushroom of immortality”.

meat fit vegan body
American tennis player Serena Williams turned to a vegan diet.

Another popular athlete that cares for the environment and living beings is the American football legend, Tom Brady. Together with her wife, – supermodel Gisele Bundchen – he’s a committed environmentalist and has been trying since years to encourage his teammates to lead a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. Not only he managed to found a vegan movement, but he also created his meatless and dairy-free meals program, whose book – named TB12 Performance – unveils the secrets to look eternally young and to have the power and energy of a teenager even in your forties.

Another striking example of the green athlete is the surfer Tia Blanco. The young Californian girl, who won the gold medal at the World Surfing Games in 2016, has been raised vegetarian and once becoming an adult, going vegan just came naturally to her. Her veggie and sustainable lifestyle turned out to be the key to perform at such a high level and to stay on top of the game. Also due to her stunning beauty, she easily became a healthy and fitness influencer on social networks, where she keeps spreading her positive vibes. On her YouTube channel, you can find out more about her healthy habits or her daily eating routine – which is 100% vegan, of course!

Arnold Schwarzenegger says: NO to meat and guess what he is super fit!

meat fit vegan body
All sorts of legumes are packed with iron!

The former professional bodybuilder, Arnold Schwarzenegger, besides being an actor and active politician, has recently switched from a diet rich in meat, eggs and every animal proteins to a mostly plant-based diet (he classifies himself as a 99% vegan!). Due to the misleading belief that links meat to power and strength, he frankly admits having eaten huge amounts of meat during his youth. As the years passed, he got to know one can actually get the essential nutrients needed from plant sources. Spinach, broccoli, all sorts of legumes (such as lentils, beans, peas, and chickpeas) are packed with iron, at the same time being rich in healthy fibers – it is, by the way, highly recommended not to exceed with legumes consumption, since they may cause bloating. Great for you Arnold!

Besides well-known athletes known, many vegan activists worldwide have been claiming for decades that the meat industry is a lobby, which makes big profits at the expense of consumers. Firmly convinced they don’t want to participate in this violent chain of abuse. They blame media and advertisements for having brainwashed people that eating meat is good and healthy, but actually, it’s one of the most causes of obesity, heart-diseases, and cancer. But the truth is you don’t meat to be fit!

What about you? Stay fit on a vegan diet, be fit and say no to meat!

To include meat, fish, and dairies in our diet is a personal choice, which can be influenced by many factors: it’s not only a matter of moral values and personal ethics, but it can be also linked to health issues. It’s therefore of primary importance to make sure that the animal or animal-derived products we buy are treated well and they live at least in healthy conditions. This includes enough space for living and a natural way to grow. The truth is: you may be vegetarian and refuse to eat meat and fish, but if you buy the cheapest dairy products, of which you haven’t a clue where they’re coming from, quite frankly, it’s kind of nonsense. Animals are, sadly, often exploited even when not killed.

The fact is, whether we want to hear about it or not, whether we want to face reality or not, that plant-based nutrition is more sustainable. Time for a change! You don´t need meat to be fit!

You have two homes: earth + your body. Take care of them. Another way to improve your care for our Planet is to use products that are sustainable. One of Natpuraty’s values that we are proud of, is that 100% of our products are cruelty-free and vegan! Here’s why our Vegan Naturaty Box could be a real game-changer both for aspiring or already committed vegans. Make your veggie buddy smile by getting this 100% natural and inspiring vegan gift box!

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Time for a colourful change!

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