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For Her Naturaty Box

A gift box specially designed for authentic women that know exactly what they want and don’t let anyone beating them down. For Her Naturaty Box is the perfect present for smart and responsible women, who are both stronger than a stone and more fragile than a rose.

All of us, in life, have known at least a woman with a strong and influential personality. Someone attractive and intimidating at the same time. She’s the one that walks into a room and conversations stop while everyone turns to look at her. You don’t know how she makes it, but she literally steals the show! And that’s not because of her exceptional beauty. She stands out from the crowd rather for her personal charisma and her natural self-confidence. But what amazes people the most, is how she’s not afraid at all of expressing her true self.

This kind of woman knows her value and don’t let others undermine her. Call her stubborn if you want, but she has goals and she’s determined to reach them. Moreover, she loves to stay always up-to-date with current events. However, she doesn’t necessarily follows the latest trends if those aren’t aligned to her values.

For Her Naturaty Box has been exclusively designed to conquer each one of these strong and delicate women. Get yourself or a special person this unique gift… You won’t regret it, promise!

Let’s open the For Her Naturaty Box!

What is going to impress you the most about this box is definitely the Butterfly Seedbom. Make your garden bloom with this colourful and rich mixed seeds bomb that helps promote butterfly population. Recreating a naturally beautiful and magical place in the greyest urban areas is absolutely possible!

Satisfy a woman’s sweet tooth with the sugar-free Organic Orange and Cashew Granola, a vital mix of air-dried oranges and nutritious, crunchy seeds. Packaged in a home compostable bag, this exquisite snack is the healthy and sustainable choice to stop the cravings. Boost your friend’s energy with the nutrient-dense Bio Açai Powder: due to its antioxidant properties, this acknowledged superfood will help you stay strong and young. Obtained from açai berries, this delicious powder will give a touch of glamour and flavour to your breakfast! In order to get more ideas on how to eat it, take a look at our post: Açai: the perfect way to start your day. Try it and let us know how it tastes!

This box also provides Natural Organic Hazelnut Butter. So yummy, that one can’t help but enjoy its creaminess and velvety smoothness even right from the jar. For a highly nutritious breakfast or a guilt-free snack, it’s delicious on top of oatmeal or spread on toast. Needless to say, the aforementioned food products are all highly palatable.

Craving some fruit instead? Enjoy the natural sweetness of the Pineapple Mango and Strawberry Lollipop. A very instagrammable snack made of 100% fruits: two slices of pineapple, mango puree and strawberry. It’s also suitable for celiacs and milk intolerance. 

However, there is still one more ingredient that can’t be missing in a gift box for women. Yeah, you got that right: chocolate! Enhance her mood with the Organic Energy Cacao Bar, a sweet-treat every woman is going definitely to appreciate. Rich in polyphenols, chocolate stimulates endorphin production, resulting in a natural boost for self-confidence and optimism. After a single bite, your friend is going to thank you a lot for this crunchy and natural delight! 

Make a special woman you care about smile with a unique gift box!

Special products to nourish your… skin! 

A self-confident woman needs also to take care of her mind and body in order to be the best version of herself. That’s why the Oxygen Eco Fiber Sheet Mask is exactly what she needs in her skin care routine. This cocktail of active and natural ingredients stands up for its anti-aging and moisturizing properties and leaves refreshed also the most sensitive skin types. 

With the washable Reusable Make-up removal Disks, you’ll do a great favour to your friend. In fact, she’ll finally avoid throwing away thousands of those disposable, high-polluting and old-fashioned makeup remover pads. Definitely the perfect solution to remove makeup gently and eco-friendly!

Dynamic and multi-tasking women need extra help to restore their natural glow. That’s why the Macadamia and Centella Oil Eye Contour Serum is absolutely a great ally against eye puffiness. It’s made up of natural ingredients, allergy-safe and vegan. What else?

Eventually, our For Her Naturaty Box contains a real treat for body cleansing: our handmade Seaweed soap improves skin tonicity and restores the original softness of stressed out, dry skin.  Then feel the tropical essence of the Canary Islands on your skin with the Canarian Banana and Aloe Vera Gel. A delicious body butter, based on our exclusive locally produced organic Banana extract, with Shea and Cocoa butter. Its soothing and revitalizing effect makes it particularly indicated after a day at the beach, after shaving or waxing!

Also, oral care is contemplated by this box, which provides a  sustainable bamboo-based Charcoal Toothbrush. The bristles are made from nylon infused with activated Binchotan charcoal, known for its anti-fungal properties and whitening power. Clean, healthy and good for the planet, do you need anything else? 

Surprise a strong and powerful woman you care about with this rich and unique gift box!

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