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For Him Naturaty Box

Uniquely designed for brave men that continuously push the boundaries and aren’t afraid of failure, the Naturaty For Him Box is the gift every valuable man wishes. We are talking about resilient and self-confident men, who wisely embraced their flaws and keep learning from their mistakes. Due to their strong connection with nature and their love for the environment, they can’t wait for their next eco-friendly adventure. 

To take care of everything else, first, need to take care of yourself but there is no need to harm our planet in this case. Naturaty’s kind of man is no longer related to gender stereotypes, rejects any form of sexism and has distanced himself from classic patriarchal values. Besides knowing his worth, he empowers women and acknowledges gender equality. Not only, but he is also strongly committed to animal issues and the environment. Do you know someone like this or is this the man you aspire to be? 

Naturaty Box for Him is an exotic combination of natural cosmetics and vegan food. So if you want to give something special and useful while considering the planet as well, you are in right place. 

zero waste eco man gift naturaty box for him
To take care of everything else, first, need to take care of yourself.

What will you find in our special package?

Solid Carbon Dentrific a revolution for real zero-wasters. Its composition based on carbon, coconut oil, lime and mint proposes a very efficient brushing, fresh and respectful with the enamel of the teeth. It comes in a handy metal box for storage and travel, perfect for the modern voyager. Nordics Toothbrush Charcoal basically, by using this anyone have a possibility to save the earth. Smile eco-friendlier with this fully compostable bamboo toothbrush! Avocado Solid Shampoo is a great way to say goodbye to highly polluting plastic bottles and can’t be missing in your zero-waste journey. Hydrocream Q10 men it´s time to try the energizing effect of bio Caffeine – which improves skin circulation. Together with the Ginkgo biloba extract – a natural aphrodisiac that protects and tones the skin. Protector solar the must-have for all people who enjoy outdoor activities and just can’t stop moving!

…even more for Him Naturaty

Pineapple, Mango & Strawberry Lollipop because that little kid is still inside of any of us. This time, with a more natural and organic choice. Kale Chip Sweet Mustard a crispy revolution for a break. Our dehydrated kale chips are gonna be your next healthy addiction. Organic Energy Cocoa Bar a crunchy delight that combines the addictive taste of cacao and the beneficial nutrients of nuts. It’s made only with natural ingredients from organic farming. Natural Organic Hazelnut Butter it´s 100% hazelnuts, sugar-free and gluten-free, making it ideal for vegans and celiacs. A natural source of energy and protein for your muscles!

This is almost everything what modern and smart men need to take good care of yourself and become #naturatyteam.

Naturaty ® - Promoting wellness and sustainability by creating surprising gift-boxes that people you care about will love!