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Contact with Nature – How to re-establish

4 effective ways to improve your health and mood by reconnecting with nature

Your job takes up the whole day, leaving you drained and without energy. So in the evening, you eventually end up chilling on the sofa with a beer in one hand a packet of crisps in the other. Exhausted and apathetic, you actually can’t find out the reason of your deep tiredness. After all, you have just been sitting in the office all day, but you actually feel like you’ve climbed the Everest.

You probably already know that. The easiest and totally free way to recharge your batteries after a working day is spending time in nature. It’s scientifically proven that nature reduces anger and stress, while increasing positive feelings and creativity. By the way, taking time to stay in nature is actually not that easy nowadays. More and more people indeed have been leaving the peace of the countryside to join the thrilling city-life. This drastic change in lifestyle has lead much of the world’s population to become increasingly detached from wildlife and its responsibility towards planet Earth. And that’s caused the so-called human phenomenon of alienation from nature. So let´s focus more on to how to re-establish contact with nature.

By trying to show their dominance over nature ever since, humans have paved streets, erected walls, built buildings and skyscrapers on green fields. Definitely, they’ve been keeping painting grey over our natural colourful environment. Even if at times we seem to forget it, however, nature is where we belong. Down here you’ll find 4 successful ways to restore your connection with nature. 4 hacks that might help you boost your mood and lead a better-quality life.

1. Go for a walk in the park (if possible, every day)

It may sound pretty obvious, but this simple activity actually helps clearing your mind and relaxing, whether you’re listening to music or just enjoying the nature sounds like the blowing wind, the chirping birds or the noise of cicadas. According to recent studies, taking a walk in nature improves humans psycho-physical health and helps live longer. Not only it reduces significantly stress hormone levels but also improves cardiovascular health. Moreover, after 20 minutes of brisk walking you’ll start burning fats. It just takes an hour every day (or every other day) to keep in shape while freeing your mind from daily problems. Putting your body in motion has several benefits and, when done outdoor, is also the perfect solution to get your daily intake of sunlight. In fact, your vitamin D level arises, keeping your bones strong.

zero waste nature
Go for it!

2. Read a book in the open air – the real contact with nature

Imagine yourself completely immersed in a relaxing environment. You’re sitting in the shade of a blossoming tree while reading your favourite novel surrounded by greenery. Isn’t just the mental picture of this idyllic moment giving you positive vibes? Whether it is under a tree at the public park or in the countryside, or sitting comfortably on the rocking chair in your garden or veranda – with your purring cat laying on your legs must be even more relaxing – reading a book has lots of benefits. Restoring brain functioning, promoting emotional intelligence and enriching your vocabulary – just to name few. Reading a (real) book – not a magazine or newspaper and not on your tablet – is actually an activity you can do everywhere. Just look around you and take inspirations from your environment.

And for the more daring ones, reading and walking can be a smart solution to train your mind and body at the same time. Just don’t forget to put down the book and look up when you’re crossing the street (or when going down and upstairs)! Are you a sweet tooth? Reading on the outdoor terrace of a Café, while sipping a hot chocolate is the best way to relieve stress and recovering energy after a long day. Make sure you’re deeply into the book you’re reading so that you’ll not end up quitting this soul-enriching activity.

zero waste nature
It´s gonna be pure pleasure!

3. Have a getaway weekend, say hello to nature

Using wisely your free-time actually makes a huge difference. Just think about a normal weekend spent chilling on the sofa while watching your favourite Netflix-series or popular TV-programmes, standing up just to open the door to the pizza delivery. Now compare it to a couple of days well spent in a wonderful place, far away from your usual routine. Getting out of town for a couple of days turns to be the best way to turn off the brain. Especially when you are stuck in a rut. Enjoy your gateway weekend with your dear ones or even alone!

If water speaks to you, just join a place by a lake or the sea. And if you’re rather crazy about hiking, spend a weekend in the mountains and breathe some fresh and pure air. Due to less packing and less organising, you’ll enjoy your weekend carefree with far fewer worries. A “microvacation” that lasts only 2 days actually makes the difference, and its short duration doesn’t affect its quality. If you do what you like, you’ll definitely get back to work on Monday more relieved and motivated to start the week on the upbeat.  

zero waste nature
Enjoy every single moment in nature.

4. Be a “nature-seeker” and contact again with nature

Are you living in a metropolis and finding the green of nature is an arduous endeavour? Don’t panic. Try to focus on the little pretty things you can find in your surroundings or even at home. For instance, the scent of a flower, a bird’s chirp, a sunray, the smell of the fresh air after rain. It might not sound much out of the ordinary, but each one is surprisingly a natural mood boost. As you can see, it’s not that hard to find wildlife in urban settings! You can definitely reconnect with nature also by lunging in the balcony and watching the sunset with a glass of wine. Or perhaps you’d rather contemplate the stars while drinking an infusion before bedtime? Enjoying the cool evening breeze is a completely free and effective way to restore your physical and mental functioning.

zero waste
You can definitely reconnect with nature by lunging in the balcony and watching the sunset with a glass of wine.

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