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New vegan food products in multinationals

Veganism is here to stay and this is the reason why more and more multinationals have been joining and expanding their offer to serve products aimed at people who do not eat meat.

Perhaps the reason is to recruit contemporary customers who are more aware of their diet or who simply do not want to feel excluded (very typical of millennials and the new generation Z), but the truth is that the reason does not matter.

More and more companies are opting for vegan options. In fact, in some countries such as Dubai, they have already opened what is considered to be the largest vegan restaurant in the world and which, under the name “Veganity”, offers its customers more than 200 different dishes to suit all tastes and budgets.

Is it healthy just because it is a vegetable?

The big question. The answer is a resounding no. Before the boom of multinationals to produce vegan and/or vegetarian options, the big question has arisen and many nutritionists have already spoken out about it.

The truth is that eating a vegan or vegetarian diet does not necessarily make you healthier and proof of this is that many people eat vegetarian options in fast food restaurants that contain, in reality, poor quality bread, refined oils… And other much more harmful things).

Here are some of the latest additions of big companies that have wanted to keep innovating in their vegan products to raise awareness about the reduction of meat consumption or to recruit that increasingly large sector of vegans around the world? We tell you about it!

Burger King

In the UK they called it the “Rebel Whopper” and it was cooked under the premise of being a burger made with 100% “plant based” ingredients. However, after a short time and in the face of criticism, the company itself confirmed that its 100% plant-based burger is NOT suitable for vegans, as the meat is cooked on the same griddle as the meat in the restaurant.

A Burger King option that does lead by example is the “Impossible Whopper” in the United States, a veggie burger made from vegetables and with “heme”, a protein that imitates the typical bleeding of beef.


As the second largest fast food company in the world, it could not be left behind. Recently and after 3 years researching how to make it, the multinational company launched its first 100% vegan “Mcplant” burger (only available in 10 restaurants in the UK).

It consists of meat supplied by Beyond Meat, vegan cheese, mustard, ketchup, onion, gherkins, lettuce and tomato on a vegan sesame bun. It is 100% certified vegan.

Although it is only available in a few countries, it is already showing promise and has gained the trust of many vegans in the country.

Pizza Hut

Their now famous plant-based chicken wings started in Australia. They are made with wheat protein, come with 5 vegan sauces and cost about $8.95 (6 pieces).

The best part? They have a very meat-like texture to mimic chicken.


Who hasn’t already tried KitKat V? Available only in some countries, this is the vegan version of the classic KitKat that has been made by experts who have managed to blend the smooth chocolate with plant-based ingredients, resulting in a KitKat made with 100% sustainable cocoa and, instead of milk, a rice-based alternative that adds texture and flavour.


Another of the greats in chocolate making. Cadbury Plant Bars, the new vegan version of its classic chocolate bar that is only available in some countries, has finally arrived.

Two flavours have been developed (smooth chocolate and salted caramel) and, in both cases, the milk is replaced by almond paste.

In addition, the brand is working on 100% plant-based packaging made from renewable plastics and certified by the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) for the bars.


A few months ago, the brand introduced “Better for you”, a range of vegan chocolates, plant-based candies and sugar-free options. Some of the brands that will include this vegan line are Kisses, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Kit Kar and Hershey’s itself.

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