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Sustainable Office Our Top 5

Our Naturaty Team is committed every day to make sustainable, eco-conscious choices and works constantly to lessen it´s impact on the environment day after day. That’s why we want to share with you some tips from our office that might be helpful.

This post provides you with 5 easy hacks to make your office greener and sustainable, which you can suggest to your colleagues, no matter whether you are the boss or an employee. We’re all called to take action, because global pollution is also our problem, and since we’re living on this planet, it’s our duty to protect it. Let’s start by greening your office: your colleagues, as well as the environment, will thank you!

Sustainable Office
Drink from ceramic cups.

1. DRINK FROM CERAMIC CUPS. In the best of ways, it should be available one cup per worker. Enjoy your coffee or tea in a warm, reusable cup, rather than single-use plastic glasses. Then wash it in the bathroom and take it back, in order to be reused by one of your colleagues. 

2. PRINT LESS. Don’t print unnecessary paper. We’re living in a technology era! If possible send emails rather than paper letters:  it’s easier, way faster and eco-friendlier! If strictly required, attempt to print double-sided or recycle old sheets that are no longer needed.

3. REDUCE YOUR WASTE. Turn off the computer during the lunch break or meetings. You’ll save a lot of energy! Use natural lights as far as possible and don’t abuse of air conditioning in summer or heating in winter. Instead of eating plastic packed snacks while working, put a mason jar on your desktop and fill it with nuts, seeds and dried fruit. You’ll get the energy you need right at your fingertips without losing your creativity. Moreover, you’ll avoid glycemic peaks given from snacks high in sugar and preservatives.

Sustainable Office

4. MOVE SUSTAINABLY. If you own a car, consider yourself lucky enough and thereby responsible to give a lift to your colleagues! You will pollute less as well as being thoughtful. But if you live in the surroundings, you might consider reaching the office by bike or even on foot: walking 20-30 minutes will improve your mood, contributes to your mental vigor and make you feel full of energy.

5. KEEP IT GREEN. Several scientific studies have found that having plants in the office positively impacts the working life of the employees, since it has both psychological and physical benefits. Plants in your workspace help reduce stress, increases productivity and boost creativity, in addition to making the workspace more attractive for clients and job applicants. Let´s make together a more sustainable office!

Sustainable Office

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