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Protect the environment: 4 simple things anyone can do

1. Cleaning up a beach

A shred of willpower is all it takes to start. There isn’t actually perfect timing for standing up and protecting our oceans: you can do it anytime, therefore being “lazy” or “too busy” are not options. When you have some free time, instead of spending it doing useless activities like watching trash tv or hanging around with your friends, just go and clean up a beach. It’s free, a completely voluntary activity for which you need nothing but a bin bag and some gloves. Moreover, it’s absolutely for everyone, no matter your age or personality, whether you prefer doing some sport or laying in the sun instead. This is also your planet and we’re all responsible to protect the environment! If you easily get bored when being alone, just ask some friends to join you, making cleaning up beaches a social activity: it’s going to be faster and funnier. Want to meet other volunteers? Inform yourself about current citizens’ initiatives in your hometown and get involved in local projects that help protect clean water.

protect environment sustainable lifestyle
Take action – clean up beaches!

2. Joining an environmental organization

…and taking part in its beneficial activities as well, is a good starting point on your eco-friendly journey. Most of these organizations offer many possibilities like running a charity marathon, gifting your dear ones with an endangered animal adoption or volunteering for people in need, as well they help to protect the environment and animals. I remember as it if were yesterday that back in high school, some friends and I presented a baby panda distance adoption to a classmate, who had unconditional love for this species. Needless to say, her reaction was crying for joy! Having the responsibility for the life of another living being who’s threatened with extinction must be a unique, empowering experience. Just get informed about the organisations of your town and join the one that advocates for something you truly care about. Being an active part of it will motivate you to challenge yourself. By spreading your knowledge of environmental issues as well as your positive vibes, you’ll start realizing that you can actually make a difference!

Being an active part of it will motivate you to challenge yourself.

3. Planting a tree

How could we live without trees? The same air we’re breathing has been released by trees and plants into the atmosphere. By turning harmful greenhouse gases into oxygen, trees help fighting climate change and reduce the overall temperature by up to eight degrees Celsius. Planting new trees is, therefore, a very effective way to counteract deforestation and desertification, which are also the leading causes of poverty. Not only it empowers the local community and economy, but also increases land fertility, protects endangered species, cleans the air, provides food and shade. That’s why we should all contribute to the reforestation of our earth and here are some tips for you to take action. A very conscious and creative website you should take a look at is founded in Italy by young entrepreneurs, here you can actually plant your tree with a click and follow its growth. This website provides also a section where you can calculate the amount of Co2 emissions you release every day! By checking out you support tree-planting projects, such as regenerative agriculture. Your donation can provide financially for one’s family, helping it concretely by transitioning from unsustainable farming techniques to a Forest Garden system. Not only you’ll neutralize your environmental footprint, but also you’ll improve the quality of life of farmers in underdeveloped countries. Simply protect the environment!

protect environment sustainable lifestyle
Grow your own forest: plant a tree!

4. Donating old clothes

Lots of clothes but still nothing to wear: can you relate to that feeling? Fast fashion “micro-seasons” affect negatively consumers’ behaviour and persuade people to buy constantly new items they don’t actually need. Just open your closet and go through all your stuff. Honestly, how many pieces do you have you don’t actually wear? I bet you have dozens of blouses, fancy dresses and trousers in it, but you end up using always the same ones which fits you better and make you feel more confident. Even if you’ve figured that out a long time ago – that buying quality clothing has always turned out to be the best choice, especially for your finances – you keep buying things you’ll never wear. The first, big step you can take to be fashionable and sustainable is to donate what you don’t really need to charity organisations. Think about that practically new red dress stuck in the back of your closet:  if you want to make someone else smile while rocking it, go check the website Here you can help other women to dream big and grow professionally with dignity and self-confidence, since every woman deserves the same chances you have. Moreover, most churches accept different types of donations, including clothing, which are intended for the less wealthy people in town. Donate what you don’t use since there is plenty of people in need out there, who would look at your clothes through different eyes! Go for it! Protect the environment!

Sharing is caring- good for you, good for the economy.

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