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Did you know that almost 98% of the world’s water is locked in seas and oceans, too salty for human use? So we better start to save water! Only 3% of that is freshwater. And, of that 3%, most of it is locked under the Earth’s surface, in ice, the atmosphere, and the soil. In the end, we just have .007% of all water in the world to use.

We need to realise that .007% of the water on our planet is available to fuel and feed its over 7 billion people – according National Geographic. Now nearly two million people die from a lack of safe drinking water every year. And it’s expected that within the next 15 years – half the world’s population might be living in areas of high water stress.

Also, we need to think about our climate changes, droughts, bush fire in Amazonia and Australia (just to name 2) and water scarcity are becoming more common so we’ll have even less water to split among us. Time to do something! What you can do to have an impact and save the water for others?

save water
We need to realise that .007% of the water on our planet is available to fuel and feed its over 7 billion people.

5 easy but important steps to save water

Turn off the tap:

Whether you’re brushing your teeth, your hands, or the dishes. Turn the water off when you’re not using it. Keep a basin in your sink to catch excess water or to rinse dishes. Turn the tap off when your brushing  – a really effortless action which can have a huge impact – just by turning off the tap while you brush your teeth you can save up to 32 litres of water. So don’t be lazy and just turn it off!

So don’t be lazy and just turn it off!

Feed your plants your leftovers:

Feed your green friends with the old water, they aren’t fussy and actually it’s better for them, and obviously is better for the Planet.

Think about how you wash your dishes:

For example, let pans that need some elbow grease to sit and soak instead of leaving the tap running. If you have a dishwasher – don’t run it until it’s ram-packed.

Cut back your shower time:

Ok, don’t take us wrong, we are not saying don’t shower or compromise your personal hygiene, but do you really need to be standing in the shower for 30 minutes contemplating your life? No, contemplate every decision you ever made elsewhere don’t take your issues out on the Planet.

Cut back your shower time!

Don’t flush your face wipes:

Your wasting water by flushing them, get a little bathroom bin, there not supposed to go down the loo anyway.

If you look at these small ideas above you will see how tiny little changes can have huge impacts. We in Naturaty do believe that everyone can play their part in some way, whether you decide to take drastic action or you just become more mindful when you’re doing your dishes.

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