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Make your laundry routine sustainable with the soap nuts, a nontoxic and chemical-free solution to wash your clothes. These all-natural nuts are also suited for your personal care and household cleanings.

Eco nuts are berry shells that grow originally in the Himalayas. They have been used since past times to wash clothes. When shaken in water soapberry shells release saponin, a natural cleaning agent. Powerful saponin makes your laundry fresh and clean. Here it is a healthier alternative to traditional laundry detergents on the market. They usually packed with chemical ingredients, like phosphates. Moreover, saponin acts as a natural fabric softener, which is a good solution for sensitive skin. Even if being called soap “nuts”, they’re actually a berry fruit and therefore completely nut allergy safe. So they are suitable for children and people with nut allergies. If you’re sick of the harmful chemicals in laundry detergent ingredients on the market, this post may help you to make the best non-toxic choice. It also provides harmony with your sustainable lifestyle.

These all-natural nuts are also suited for your personal care and household cleanings.

As a matter of fact, soap nuts are fully compostable and contribute therefore to reduce pollution and waste. Want to know further positive sides? Besides being a cruelty-free solution to traditional laundry detergents – eco nuts are all-natural. They are not tested on animals either! These berry shells prove to be good for your wallet in the long run since they’re also suitable for preparing homemade all-purpose cleaners and shampoos! Here are 3 life-changing uses of this multifunctional plant product you absolutely need to know:

100% Natural laundry with Eco Nuts

In order to do your laundry with natural soap nuts you there are very few steps to follow. First, take 10 soap nuts and place them in a tiny cloth bag, which you tie closed properly. Then load your laundry into the washing machine, throw in it also the soap nuts bag and start the washing program. Unlike most of the commercial detergents, just know it won’t produce lots of bubble or foam, but this doesn’t affect at all its cleaning power!

Zero waste Eco porduct Eco Nuts natural laudry
Perfect zero-waste alternative Eco Nuts make your laundry fresh and clean.

How to do it: in a few steps

If you prefer to store your natural detergent, here’s how you can create your homemade liquid soap: just put 10 soap nuts in a pot filled up with 1 L water and bring to the boil for 15-20 minutes. Then transfer the liquid obtained into a glass bottle (or jar) and store it in the refrigerator. For a homemade, all-purpose cleaner just take the same liquid you use for your laundry and filter it from any solid part left. Add then some drops of your favorite essential oil in order to give it a pleasant fragrance. You can use it for household cleaning!

As for your natural shampoo, add guar gum (you can find it in any bio shop) to strained soapberry liquid (it takes just 3-4 tsp per 500 ml). You can also add some drops of essential oil of your choice. Mix it all and whip it until smooth, then transfer in a glass jar and refrigerate for longer preservation. This is definitely the perfect solution to limit your exposure to harsh chemicals and toxins.

With 1 box of 250 gr. of our soap nuts, you can make 60 washes, without plastic and high certified quality.

If you’re likely to make a healthier, more ethical and zero-waste this is the perfect match for you. Just check out our organic Soap Nuts on our Naturaty e-commerce and get yourself this natural and ecological product! Once you’ve tried out the product, feel free to leave a comment below and tell us about your personal experience. This may be helpful and encouraging for other wannabe eco-friendly readers! You can also read more about soap nuts as an ingredient here.

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