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Eco-Product of the Month: Avocado Solid Shampoo

The ultimate hair care discovery that can’t be missing in your zero-waste journey. Let’s do yourself a favour by trying a natural shampoo bar to detox your hair from detergents packed with chemicals, which turn to be harmful in the long run. Plus, enjoy the fruity scent of avocado!

Are you looking for an eco-friendly, non-toxic and chemical-free product for your hair care routine? Then, you’ll definitely have to consider solid shampoo bars. For instance this Avocado Solid Shampoo is 100% natural, free from artificial and harmful ingredients. Most importantly, it is an ethical alternative to traditional liquid shampoos advertised by the most famous cosmetic companies.

As a matter of fact, natural shampoo bars are vegan, cruelty-free and degrate completely in the environment. It sounds like a pretty honest choice for your beauty and self-care routine, isn’t it?

How to use the Avocado Solid Shampoo:

1. Lather your hands by rubbing them together with the shampoo bar. Or massage bar gently, directly onto your scalp (it doesn’t have to produce lots of foam).

2. Rinse it well and follow with conditioner (if needed).

3. Store your soap bar out of water stream on a dry (stainless steel or glass) soap dish. After that, it doesn’t get wet and dissipate when you’re not using it.

4. Enjoy the fruity scent of avocado and let your hair shine!

Solid shampoo bars benefits

solid shampoo zero waste avocado
Wait a couple of weeks to see the change and your hair will adapt gradually to the all natural.

Disclaimer: it might take a while for your hair to get free from all sulfates, silicones and parabens contained in commercial cosmetics your hair is used to. The adjustment period to shampoo bars can range from one to four weeks while your hair cleans out all impurities and residual chemicals from traditional liquid shampoos. When switching from a chemical-packed to an organic product, your hair might seem greasy, heavy and definitely not as good as expected. Wait a couple of weeks to see the change and your hair will adapt gradually to the all natural. Actually, most people claim solid shampoo bar works even better than traditional liquid hair detergents! Since it helps rinsing out the grime and product buildup without damaging or drying the hair and without disrupting their natural PH balance.

Why choose a natural shampoo bar?

Besides being a healthier and more sustainable option to commercial liquid shampoos, solid shampoo bars are super practical when travelling. You can bring it on the plane with you, avoiding any problem (due to restrictions on carrying liquids on flights). Moreover, since it’s completely natural and chemical-free, the shampoo bar is perfect for all hair types, including coloured hair; and due to its cleansing and hydrating power, it’s also suited for your body. Last but not least, not only you’re going to save the environment, but also your money! In fact, you’ll be happy to know it lasts 3 times more than liquid shampoo, making it a good investment.

The anti-frizz and hydrating Avocado Solid Shampoo is perfect for every hair type, especially for dry and damaged hair.

Don’t miss our Naturaty Avocado Solid Shampoo: an avocado-oil based product that will cleanse your hair deeply, while acting as a conditioner. With a plastic-free and fully recyclable packaging, it’s going definitely to exceed your expectations. 

Whether you have a flair for frugal living or just want a toxin-free, healthier product for your personal care, a solid shampoo bar is a choice you’re not going to regret. So, if you haven’t used it yet, just give it a try! You’ll be surprised by the positive effects on your hair and on the environment!

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