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Zero Waste and Sustainable lifestyle – 10 Myths

Are you ready to learn something about Zero Waste and Sustainable lifestyle? What do people think about “zero-wasters”? Let’s find out 10 common clichés about this 100% sustainable lifestyle and why they simply aren’t true. We will also check out some vegan gifts.

1. It’s too expensive

In the long run, you’ll see how much zero-waste lifestyle makes you save money.

Even if switching to a greener lifestyle might seem pretty expensive to you, you’ll start realizing very soon you’re saving a huge amount of money instead. Eco-friendly products have been designed to last in time or to be somehow reusable. That’s why you’ll see, in the long run, that you’re investing in quality products and tools just by cutting down on countless cheap, trashy stuff, you’re going inevitably to get rid of shortly. For instance, buying bulk as well as avoiding single products wrapped in the plastic allows you to save so much in supplies. As a matter of fact, 15 % of what we’re spending is in the packaging.

2. It’s depriving

This consumerist society leads us to think we need more than we actually need to be satisfied: excessive clothes, electronics and luxury items. Our appetite for material things is highly influenced and we mostly end up buying stuff we could really do without. Don’t even think of impact-free living as depriving: a minimalistic purchasing approach will make you realize you don’t really need all that stuff. On the contrary, living with few possessions will make you acknowledge the truly important things in life. A simpler living gives you more energy and helps you stay more focused on what you’re doing: trust us, “less is more”! It´s

3. It’s time-consuming

Nobody is too busy. It’s just a matter of priorities.

Turning your habits eco-friendlier will make you feel like it takes longer than before to do your things. Bringing to the office your packed-lunch from home – of course, in a reusable container – instead of grabbing a sandwich wrapped in plastic just before lunchtime, it’s time-consuming; same thing when choosing carefully unpackaged items during shopping, or taking your own reusable bottle or mug everywhere before going out. If you feel like you’re wasting so much time, don’t panic! Stay organised and plan your life. You’ll save time as well as money, avoiding all those stress shopping afternoons which are bad for your finance and don’t make you feel better at all.

4. You’ll never find your zero waste and sustainable soulmate

zero waste sustainability
Eco-friendly couples are the cutest couples!

People’s reaction to your waste-free lifestyle may make you uncomfortable. That’s why you should surround yourself with people who have the same goals as you and who inspire and support you in this waste-free journey, instead of holding you back and treating you as you were weird. If you think you’d never date anyone, think again: welcome to the digital era, where people – even politicians – speak out on Twitter, singles meet on Facebook and people flirt by liking each other’s last post on Instagram. Surfing the Internet you’ll find out it’s plenty of dating sites for eco-friendly singles! It’s not about excluding people with a different mindset, but rather about wanting to meet others interested in living consciously and ethically.

5. You can’t be fashionable

(Not only) women love shopping. But what about the tons of clothes bought each year, most of which end up on the bottom of the closet? If not you, someone else is paying for that extremely cheap dress you wore one single time. In the biggest fast-fashion companies children are often involved in the supply chain, as well as underpaid workers. That’s why investing in higher quality pieces – which you envision yourself wearing in the years to come – is more ethical. Moreover, purchasing things from second-hand stores reduces your environmental footprint and can really be life-changing. Vintage clothing and home furnishing are always in vogue and make you unique! If you get bored with your same old outfits, donate them or trade them for different second-hand clothes. They’ll still be “new” to you!

When you wear a piece of vintage clothing not only you’re wearing a piece of someone else’s past, but you’re also being sustainable and unique.

6. Recycling is like having a zero-waste impact

Just admit it: when you recycle something you feel a better person. Sure, it is more eco-conscious than throwing something right in the trash. However, you may know that tons of materials you proudly recycle aren’t actually recycled, but end up in landfills or oceans, damaging irreversibly the ecosystem. Especially in recent years, recycling has become kind of a business instead of an environmental mission. And – contrary to what we like to believe – this is not the solution to our wasteful society. The most effective way to minimize your waste is not producing it primarily. As you might have guessed, “reusing” and “reducing” are way better than “recycling”! You can save natural resources by reducing your trash, which otherwise would end up in landfills or incinerators.

7. You won’t produce more trash ever again

You tend to see things very pragmatically and this zero-waste thing seems more like a dream rather than a realistic goal. Unfortunately, it’s true: it’s impossible to produce no trash at all, especially when thinking on a broader scale. We do actually need some things that aren’t organic or 100% sustainable. However, the zero-waste movement aims at raising awareness about sustainable living, in order to reduce the overall ecological footprint. Don’t focus too much on things you can’t fix. Instead, try to see it as a motivator to lessen the unnecessary waste we produce with no clue.

8. It’s a hippie thing – zero waste and sustainability?

zero waste sustainability
You don’t have to follow the Hippie Movement to embrace a fully sustainable lifestyle.

The belief that embracing a more minimalistic and eco-conscious lifestyle is just for weird hippies, is misleading and inaccurate. It has indeed nothing to do with fighting the authorities or quitting your job to travel the world in a Volkswagen vintage truck. It’s rather more about not allowing yourself to be persuaded to buy the stuff you don’t need in the first place, which is besides bad for the environment. Start just thinking about your possessions: do you really need all of them? Are they essential to your life? Furthermore, who said doing crazy shopping should be a hobby rather than a pure necessity? The Zero Waste movement calls for more mindful choices and rejects consumerist culture in favour of a more meaningful life. It’s definitely about being focused on your passions and choosing experiences rather than stuff.

9. It means going backwards instead of moving forwards

Regardless of the consequences, human beings are abusing their lands on the grounds of economic interests. Evolution doesn’t justify, though, the current overexploitation of natural resources, which has been generating an enormous deficit. However, small steps have been taken to fight uncontrolled consumption and our current system is moving towards a more sustainable future. If you think you’re living your best life with all possible comforts, just consider slowing-down as an option. In fact, our standards of living will begin to decline by 2030 unless immediate action is taken.

10. Your single contribution can’t make a difference

zero waste sustainability
Stop procrastinating. Start now your zero-waste journey!

Realizing how far people have messed up our planet may make you feel hopeless and helpless. Just stop complaining about what others are doing wrong and blaming everything on them. Be proactive instead, and recognize you are “response-able” for your behaviour. You do have the power to make a positive or a negative impact on the environment as well as you can have a positive or a negative influence on others. Your contribution, however small, is valuable and you can actually inspire other to follow your lead. As Mother Teresa said, “we ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop”. 

Are you ready to start your zero waste and sustainable journey?

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