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Zero Waste Naturaty Box

Considered the pioneers of a new minimalistic era, “zero wasters” firmly reject consumerism. Indeed, they have created their eco-conscious lifestyle with almost no impact on the environment. Zero Waste Naturaty Box is definitely the right gift idea for people, who constantly challenge themselves to live more sustainably.

An army of zero-waste warriors is rapidly catching on. Strongly committed to the environment, bound to Mother earth and deeply connected to nature, “zero wasters” purchase very consciously. They always make sure that the brand or company they’re supporting is ethical and sustainable. They don’t look for the cheapest, fastest and easiest products, but strive for the most eco-friendly stuff. Reducing waste as much as possible allow them to align with their personal values.

You see them bringing their own reusable glass to parties and firmly refusing plastic straws in their drinks in order to avoid the utter waste of plastic. Or rather, walking down the street with their canvas tote bag – inside which a reusable stainless-steel bottle can’t be missing. Sometimes, you can spot some fresh vegetables or flowers sticking out from it. And most of all, their kitchen is full of refillable glass jars full of seeds, cereals, beans, homemade sauces, and other organic delights.

They are maybe the biggest fighters of our consumerist society. As strong supporters of the slow-living movement, they chose to live with less things, letting go materialism. Through this minimalistic approach they want to revaluate what really matters in life.

Is one of your dearest friends actually fitting the description above? If the answer is yes, you’d probably like to put a smile on his/her face with a unique and sustainable gift! Basically, most of the things you purchase on a daily basis is considered “unnecessary” and “wasteful” by your eco-responsible friends. So, what on earth could you get them for Christmas? If you want to prevent your zero-waste mates from feeling guilty by accepting lavish gifts, then go for the Zero Waste Naturaty Box. It’s undoubtedly a real investment in reusable (and useful) items!

Let’s open the Zero Waste Naturaty Box!

Help your eco-enthusiast friend reducing its waste and saving money! Our extremely light Reusable Shopping Bag is the smarter solution to avoid uncountable plastic bags when buying groceries. Also, reusing this cloth bag over and over again is going to be an addiction, honest! Since zero-wasters are generally used to pack their stuff sustainably, they’d love to find a Stainless steel Bottle in their Naturaty box. Endless reusable, isothermal – keeps drinks hot or ice cold for 24 hours – and stylish, it’s for sure the most eco-friendly choice to stay hydrated all day long.

The box contains also a pair of Stainless steel Straws, which are perfect for sipping a refreshing drink on the sofa or even outside. They are also very practical to carry around with you. Clearly, a 100% sustainable alternative to highly polluting plastic straws! A further simple way to combat plastic pollution is switching to the bamboo Eco Ear Sticks. That’s definitely how you can get rid of excess wax without damaging ears or harming the environment. Then wash and reuse them infinite times!

“Zero wasters” reject consumerism and chose to live with less, essential things, in order to revalue what really matters in life.

A fully sustainable personal hygiene… is possible!

Talking about personal hygiene, oral health is the is a key indicator of overall wellness. That’s why our natural Solid Carbon Toothpaste is a must-have for zero-wasters. All the freshness of mint is packed in a refillable container, which is very practical for travelling and lasts twice as conventional tubes.

Of course, that’s to be used with the sustainable Charcoal Toothbrush. This one is made from bamboo – one of the fastest-growing plants on earth – a 100% natural and fully compostable material. The bristles are made from nylon infused with activated Binchotan charcoal, known for its anti-fungal properties and whitening power. Clean, healthy and good for the planet, do you need anything else?

Are you wondering how to smell good naturally and 100% vegan all day? Thanks to its great antibacterial properties, Solid Deodorant helps prevent body odor and leaves skin feeling fresh and clean all day long. Package-free and fully biodegradable, this product can’t be missing in your toiletry bag!

And what about a zero-waste laundry? Don’t panic, with the Eco Soap Nuts there’s no need for a softener! In fact, they will give your clothes a silky soft hand feel, besides keeping their original brightness and colour. With its neutral smell, Soap Nuts are the 100% eco-friendly and hypoallergenic laundry product you were looking for!

Last but not least, zero-wasters are definitely going to fall in love with the Scrub Soap with Volcanic Ash. Feel the essence of the Canary Islands with this handmade organic Soap, which is completely free of parabens, mineral oils and animal ingredients. And yes, even ethical consumers have the right to pamper themselves… so help them do it in the most sustainable way!

So, what are you waiting for? Make your eco-conscious friend smile with a 100% sustainable gift box!

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