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We love Brazil!

1) Brazil Top Environmental facts

Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world.

Brazil is home to the world’s largest rainforest, the Amazon, which is also known for being the most biodiverse tropical forest on earth. Also called the “Lungs of our Planet” the Amazon produces more than 20% of the world oxygen!

The Amazon River is the second longest river in the world and the world’s largest river by volume.

Brazil is self-sufficient in energy and produce large quantities of iron, copper, gold and diamonds.

However, environmental issues such as climate change, deforestation and drought are having a massive impact in Brazil, both regarding nature and economy.

2) About Brazilian people

The Brazilian culture is one of the world’s most varied and multifaceted and results from a melting pot of nationalities.

Due to its history of European domination and migrations, Brazilian culture was influenced by different mindsets, customs and traditions. Its long and troubled story is the reason of its uniqueness and complexity.

3) Brazil natural Wonders

  • Fernando de Noronha (archipelago of 21 islands located in the Atlantic Ocean)
  • Cachoeira da Fumaça (“Smoke Falls”, a 340 meters tall waterfall)
  • The Meeting of Waters (region where the sandy colored waters of the Amazon River meet the dark waters of the Rio Negro River)
  • Sugarloaf Mountain (iconic geographical landforms of Brazil, located in Rio de Janeiro, popular tourist destination)

4) Brazilians love to eat

Açai – is a Brazilian superfruit, which tastes delicious and boasts great antioxidant properties. It’s a hard purple berry.

Caipirinha – With its principal ingredient – cachaça – the drink is protected by law as the national patrimony of Brazil!

5) A bit of language!

As well as “belleza”, also “joia” is a Brazilian way of showing agreement. The literal translation for joia is “jewel” but Brazilians use it to tell someone that they’re well. That’s why to say “I am great!” they often say “Tudo joia!

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