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We love Bulgaria!

1) Bulgaria Top Environmental facts

The main principle of the Constitution of Bulgaria is that the state has to ensure the protection and sustainability of the environment, the maintenance and diversity of wildlife and the rational utilisation of the natural wealth and resources of the country.

Bulgarian government lanch project SOfia GREEN with the aim to transform Sofia (the capital city of Bulgaria) into a modern and sustainable city.

Project Green Line Sofia assumed to connect all abandoned trails, restore the track and transform it into a new bicycle & pedestrian ring in capital city of Bulgaria. This green ring will be alternative transportation ring and a public space for sports, leisure and fun.

2) About Bulgarians people

Bulgarians shake their head when they mean to say “yes” and nod when they want to say “no”. It may be very confusing!

Name Day is a celebration is very important in Bulgaria. Name days are widely celebrated by locals, even more than their own birthdays.

Bulgarians love folk music. The Bulgarian folk song “Izlel e Delyu Haydutin” by Valya Balkanska was sent in space onboard Voyager I. It is part of the Golden Record, a collection of human artifacts intended as a message for extraterrestrial life.

3) Bulgarian natural Wonders

  • The Belogradchik Rocks
  • The Seven Rila Lakes
  • Pirin National Park
  • Srebarna Nature Reserve
  • Silistar

4) Bulgarian love to eat

Typical Vegan Dishes

Lyutenitsa – is a (sometimes spicy) vegetable relish. The ingredients include peppers, aubergines, carrots, garlic, vegetable oil, sugar, salt, and tomatoes.

Vegan Versions of Typical Dishes

Shopska Salata – is a salad that originated in the Shopluk region of Bulgaria and it´s popular among the Balkans. The basic ingredients for this refreshing salad are ―tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, onion, red wine vinaigrette, and feta cheese. Instead of feta cheese, vegans can add some vegan cheese or tofu.

Tarator – is yogurt-base soup of cucumbers, garlic, dill and sometimes walnuts. Tarator is light, refreshing and cold, perfect for hot summer days. Vegan can use soya or sunflower yogurt.

Bean soup – Bulgarians cook it with a local kind of mint called, it may sometimes have pork or sausages added. Vegan can choose meatless option.

5) A bit of language!

“In Bulgarian health, it says “#здраве”, vegan it says “#строг вегетарианец” and sustainability it says “#базирана”.

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