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we love France!

1) France Top Environmental facts

France hosted and chaired COP21, which drove the first universal agreement on climate that calls for respect for human rights and recognizing the specific role of women, and has since then it called for rapid ratification by all the parties.

In 2016, France banned its food stores, grocery stores and supermarkets from throwing away excess food. France has become the first country in the world to ban supermarkets from throwing away or destroying unsold food, forcing them instead to donate it to charities and food banks.

The French forest is the largest in Europe. Also, it´s a healthy one and its surface has doubled since the 1850s. Today, it represents around 30% of the national territory!

2) About French people

French people love electric cars. France leads all other European countries in total sales of electric cars.

There is no such thing as a children’s menu in France. Whether it’s cow tongue or pigs’ feet, there’s nothing French parents would eat that they wouldn’t feed to their kid. Maybe that´s why France produces more Michelin-quality chefs than anywhere else.

The French kiss each other on the cheek as a form of greeting. In some regions in France (Corsica), they even kiss each other as much as five times!

3) French natural Wonders

  • Gorges du Verdon
  • Cliffs of Étretat, Normandy
  • Dune du Pilat, Nouvelle-Aquitaine
  • Auvergne Volcanoes Regional Park
  • The Camargue Salt Flats

4) French love to eat

Typical Vegan Dishes

Ratatouille – is a well-known vegetable stew hailing from Provence, a region in France famous for the bounty of its produce.

Vegan Versions of Typical Dishes

French Onion Soup – is essentially caramelised onion in soup form topped normally with cheesy bread.

Niçoise Salad – traditionally it’s usually made with hard-boiled eggs, tuna and anchovies. In vegan version you can add potatoes instead of eggs, and marinated tofu instead of tuna.

Quiche – is a savory open tart or flan usually consisting of pastry crust filled with eggs, milk or cream, cheese, meat or vegetables. Vegan version can be filled with shredded potatoes, carrots, and leeks and then covered with a creamy, cheesy sauce made from chickpea flour!

5) A bit of language!

 “In French health, it says “#santé”, vegan it says “#végétalien” and sustainability it says “#durable”.

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