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We love Germany!

1) Germany Top Environmental facts

Germany leads the international race on climate protection , by being a pioneer in the development of renewable energy. Their role in international climate policy is crucial, and they’re advocates of climate cooperation worldwide.

An increasing number of wild animals are choosing Germany as their home. They count with 16 national parks and 16 biosphere reserves between the North Sea and the Alps.

Contrary to the cliché, Germany is a nation of cyclists! It has the highest sales of any other country in Europe.

2) About German people

They are very direct people. In some countries it might seem rude, but this way of approaching a conversation is normal in Germany.

Keeping the distance at the beginning of a relationship of any kind is also very common. While they appreciate the depth of relationships, they aren’t that opened since the very beginning. They would treat you more formally than informally the first time they meet you.

Punctuality! They love to be punctual, and this makes Germany one of the most effective countries in the world. They consider it very rude to make someone wait, and they would apologize deeply if that happened.

3) Germany natural Wonders

  • The Belogradchik Rocks
  • The Seven Rila Lakes
  • Pirin National Park
  • Srebarna Nature Reserve
  • Silistar

4) German love to eat

Beer – Germans LOVE beer. They drink it a lot, and if you order a “small” beer you’ll get a 0,4cl, which in other countries is usually 0,25cl.

Spätzle – Germany’s vegetarian take on pasta! Eggs, flour and salt are the ingredients, topped with generous quantities of cheese.

Senfier – Hard- boiled eggs, mashed spuds with a heavy mustard sauce

5) A bit of language!

“In Germany health, it says “Gesundheit”, vegan it says “Veganer” and sustainability it says “Nachhaltigkeit”.

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