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We love Poland!

1) Poland Top Environmental facts

Across the country, Polish government encourage young people to plant new trees.

Also, Poland tries to solve the problem with bad air quality, by launching The Clean Air Program and renovate 4 million homes and buildings.

Polish cities promote greener attitude and encourage inhabitants to use public transport and cities bikes.

Last but not least Poland has her own desert. Pustynia Bledowska, also dubbed the “Polish Sahara” is the only genuine desert-like area not only in Poland, but in Europe.

2) About Polish people

Poland is one of the few countries in the world, where courteous hand-kissing is still a common practice.

Easter Monday in Poland is called Śmigus-Dyngus and it´s Poland’s National Water Fight Day. Back in time boys in the countryside were allowed to drench girls with water and smack them with branches of pussy willow – it was usually meant as a way to show their affection. Today it no longer involves only young boys and girls. It involves anyone and it´s a full-blown national water fight.

In Poland, non-Polish films have a single voice dubbing. Which is mean that one person (called lector) is reading all translation of the script (even if it´s kid or women part), while the original voices are still there.

3) Polish natural Wonders

  • The Masurian Lake District
  • Tatra National Park
  • Bieszczady Mountains
  • Wieliczka Salt Mine
  • Słowiński National Park

4) Poles love to eat

Typical Vegan Dishes

Pickled cucumbers – fermented foods are very popular in Poland.

Pyzy –  is Polish vegan dumplings made of potatoes. They are round, soft and greyish and do not contain any filling.

Vegan Versions of Typical Dishes

Dumplings are semicircular and come with a variety of savory or sweet fillings, including vegetables, beans, mushrooms or fruits, and can be served either boiled or fried.

Cabbage rolls – traditional consisted of cabbage leaves stuffed with rice and minced meat and they are served cooked with tomatoes sauce. Nowadays they are often stuffed with rice and mushrooms.

Borsch – is a clear, red soup based on fermented beetroot juice served with savory dumpling stuffed with wild mushrooms.

5) A bit of language!

“In Polish health, it says “#zdrowie”, vegan it says “#weganizm” and sustainability it says “#zrównoważony”.

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