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Our Origins

Our mission drove the creation of Naturaty


It all started in the Canaries! 7+1 Islands whose warmth and traditions overflow with joy and well-being every corner bathed by the Atlantic Ocean. If you want to feel them, you can find them condensed during one week in their main party; The Carnival of the Canary Islands. This great-gigantic-apotheosis-party is one of the most spectacular open-air celebrations in the world and one of the most spectacular in the world.

Living on volcanic and tropical Islands bathed by the Atlantic, with an enviable climate and some of the best parties on the planet would be enough to find a wonderful and complete happiness.

But it is not possible for us, NOT when the islands suffer.



Our islands form one more of many paradises on the planet - like yours - whose nature and purity are seriously threatened. A group of islanders decided to put their best effort into turning the situation around. We turned our love for the environment and natural products into our way of life: Offering the possibility of giving health and sustainability

to the people you care about, by being part of our #NaturatyCrew community.



Our mission is to find and pack for you the best things our planet has to offer . Amazing products, of sustainable origins, fair trade & incredible properties.  We know that you want to invest in our planet care and we make it easy for you! You´ll decide how to enjoy the little carnival of well-being that will come into your hands: Will you give yourself a whim by discovering pleasures meanwhile you become fan of new conscious brands?? Or will you send one of Naturaty Box for that person who’s so special to you??. – The decision is yours –

Enjoy your carnival, love our planet and… don’t forget to share it with the whole #NaturatyCrew!!


You are nature.

Take care of it, take care of yourself.

What we stand for

We pay attention to ingredients in your food, cosmetics and other products, ensuring that it contains no animal-derived ingredients.

Having a platform gives you a voice, and we want to use it to promote actionts and asscociations that take care of our nature, at a local and international level.

We’re proud to be 100% cruelty free, meaning that no animal has been involved in the manufacture or testing development of any of our products.

We’ve done the research and we wprl with the most concious brands, whose policies are completely eco-friendly on production and distribution.

Reducing the creation, and not only the existent waste pollution, is our go-to. While we find ways to be 100% zero waste, we bring the information for a more sustainable life.

Meet the team

Naturaty ® - Promoting wellness and sustainability by creating surprising gift-boxes that people you care about will love!