Reusable Make-up removal Disks

17.50 €

They clean gently, eliminating in a way the remains of makeup. Once used you can rinse them or put them in the bag of and wash them in the washing machine. They are made with 100% organic cotton and they are perfect for any skin type or sensitivity

What is it? Make-up remover Reusable Pads - are made with 100% organic cotton and they are perfect for any skin type or sensitivity. After they are dirtied up, all you have to do is just placing your pads into the laundry cotton bag provided (in order to avoid them disappearing in the washing machine), start the laundry and voilá - reuse your cleansing pads over and over again!  Ready to fall in love in 3 sentences? ;) You'll finally avoid throwing away thousands of super-polluting pads when getting rid of your make-up.  The textured side of the pad is great for gentle exfoliation. It´s so simple - use them, wash them and they are ready to use again. Why is it a good idea for a gift or... for treating yourself? It´s an easy way to take care of our planet and these reusable pads are simply beautiful.

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