Shipping Info

  • Most European countries have free shipping, except for the countries that have a cost specified in the table below. At Naturaty we are continually working to improve our shipping rates
  • In order to make a purchase it is necessary to place a minimum order of 70 euros.

By Country

ZoneShipping PriceDelivery time
Austria Free 48h - 72h
Belgium Free 48h - 72h
Bosnia and Herzegovina 30 € 48h - 72h
Bulgaria 15 € 48h - 72h
Croatia 15 € 48h - 72h
Czech Republic Free 48h - 72h
Denmark Free 48h - 72h
Estonia 15 € 48h - 72h
Finland 15 € 48h - 72h
France Free 48h - 72h
Germany Free 48h - 72h
Greece 15 € 48h - 72h
Hungary Free 48h - 72h
Ireland Free 48h - 72h
Italy Free 48h - 72h
Latvia 15 € 48h - 72h
ZoneShipping PriceDelivery time
Lithuania 15 € 48h - 72h
Luxemburg Free 48h - 72h
Netherlands Free 48h - 72h
Norway 30 € 48h - 72h
Poland Free 48h - 72h
Portugal Free 48h - 72h
Romania 15 € 48h - 72h
Serbia 30 € 48h - 72h
Slovakia Free 48h - 72h
Slovenia Free 48h - 72h
- Iberian Peninsula & Balearic Is. Free 24h - 48h
- Canary Islands Free 3-7 days
Sweden 15 € 48h - 72h
Switzerland 15 € 48h - 72h
United Kingdom* Free 48h - 72h

* Unfortunately we are not able to offer shipping to United Kingdom for the time being due to Brexit-related changes. We are working hand in hand with our delivery partners to resume services with the quality our clients deserve. If you have any questions or need help, please do contact us.


To make any change on the material received you will have to contact us within 14 natural days maximum after the arrival of the product. More information.


Withdrawal period will expire 14 natural days after the day you or a third person indicated by you, different from the transporter, received the items. More information.


You can only cancel orders that haven't been sent. More information.


Current purchase prices at the moment of making the order are the ones appearing in the screen, except typographical mistakes. Prices include VAT and are written in Euro.

Generally, any tax, fee, rate, customs duty and brokerage that is gained from product purchase, as well as any other expenses derived from the same, will be on the account of the user/buyer.

Secure Payments

sslThe available payment methods provide the highest possible security for transactions. We use SSL.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a standard for communicating through a secure channel that precludes the interpretation of critical information like credit card data, enabling secure electronic financial transactions on the Internet. This technology is built in our servers and uses a complex encryption of data.

Available payment Methods

Credit or debit card


We use a safe gateway payment from Stripe. This gateway verifies the validity of the card, asks for an authorization request to the issuing bank and confirms the payment in real-time. Your data is encrypted using 128-bit SSL protocol and we will never store any bank data of your credit card.


PayPal Logo

You can also use the PayPal payment service, the international leader in payments solutions on Internet. Paypal is a totally secure service that allows buyers and sellers to trade without knowing each other's bank details.

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